Promo Only DIY DJ Booth

Promo Only DIY DJ Booth , inspired by DJ TechTools and sponsored by Pioneer DJ.

The goal: To give Orlando DJs a place to experience the newest gear in a real-world setting free of the constraints of brick-and-mortar stores.

The Materials (suggested by DJ TechTools):

Kallax Shelves (4) $49.99 each

Linnmon Table Top (2) $45.99 each

Capita 6 ¾” Bracket (2) $19.99 (2-pack)

Capita Leg 6 ¼ Leg (2) $14.00 (4-pack)

Bjärnum Folding Hook (2) $9.99 (3-pack)

The Bling (suggested by Promo Only):

Stainless Steel Waterjet-Cut Front Plates w/translucent backing (2) – $75.00 each

Bladis Storage Baskets (8) $4.99 each

Char-Broil 26.5-in Steel Grill Rotisserie (4)  $29.99 each

Kreg 3-in Dual Locking Caster Set (2) $80.66 (set of 4)

32’ LED Under-Cabinet Lighting w/color changer $29.99 (set of 4)

 Total Cost – $880.00 and change

 Acknowledgements: We’d like to thank DJ TechTools for the inspiration, Promo Only co-owner & founder Pete Werner for the perspiration, and Pioneer DJ for their participation. No DJ lives were lost in the making of this video.